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ost of us have a Bible tucked away somewhere between books we read a long time ago. Most of us also believe that the Bible is the Word of God. But most of us, it seems, don't bother ever opening the Bible.

For some the Bible is too difficult to understand, for others the Sunday readings are enough, and others again claim that life is so busy that there is simply no time for the Bible.

Simply put, the purpose of this page is to help you open the Bible. Not just open the book, but open the text and, even more importantly, open your mind. As long as the Bible is only a book amid others and stays on the shelf it cannot speak. It is like a DVD that is not played or a song that is not heard.

What is the Bible?

Strictly speaking, the Bible itself is a library that contains a number of stories, prophecies, travel journals, prayers, laws, gospels, letters, songs, and yes, also some common-sense advice. This library is divided in two parts: the Old Testament and the New Testament. We should be careful here not to confuse "old" with useless or outdated. It is better to understand the word testament as covenant and to realize that while the Old is replaced by the New they both need each other to make sense of what is truly Old and what is truly New.

Why would I want to read the Bible?

Because the Bible contains texts it is probably more useful to refer to the Bible as Scripture; text that is written and text that is available to be read. It is this text that contains the Word of God, and it only becomes the Word of God if we reverently approach the text with faith.

Of course, we can study Scripture as interesting ancient texts that might tell us something about earlier times and cultures. But by doing so, we diminish Scripture to Bible. For Christians, Scripture is one of the ways in which God chooses to reveal Himself if we are open to that revelation through faith. Creation and salvation history are other ways through which God "speaks". Scripture, however, is unique because here God uses language to communicate with us. Scripture is not some hidden magical cryptogram that is only accessible to a chosen few, instead Scripture is an open book in the true sense of the word that is available to all.

As soon as we begin to read and gently push aside the historical and cultural layers in which the text is wrapped, we find this amazing truth that completely transforms us and really sets us free.

Knowing this, who wouldn't want to read Scripture?

Group Bible Studies are offered occasionally at the parish and will be announced in the parish bulletin.

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