Music Ministry


His Holiness Pope Francis greets Our Music Director, Gordon Mansell, in Rome - March, 2017

e have been blessed with many exceptionally skilled musicians who have dedicated themselves to our music ministry. Our many children and youth singers have been carefully nurtured and have for many years brought joy to our 9:30am Sunday Mass. We have had a senior choir devoted to their parish, harnessing both time and energy for learning and presenting sacred music at Sunday liturgies and special parish celebrations. From the inception of our faith community, the children and the adults have consistently been the beacon in our diocese for enlivening our parish with carefully selected liturgical music. We have also been blessed with highly skilled directors, organists and cantors.

The jewel of our music ministry is the 1965 tracker pipe organ built by Casavant Frères of Saint-Hyacinthe, Quebec. This organ is among the very finest built by Casavant and continues to win acclaim throughout the world from concert organists and audiences alike. As we move forward in music ministry our music director, Gordon Mansell will continue to carefully cultivate the next generation that will enrich our parish music ministry. We have a chorale-styled choir of 20 to 25 mixed voices who have begun to create their own history and develop a presence in and for our community. They will be part of the initiative to extend the honoured musical tradition that has become synonymous with Our Lady of Sorrows Parish. Together with our established choirs, we will all dedicate ourselves in faithful stewardship to prepare for the future and instil a vibrant spirit.

Gordon Mansell is the Musical Director for the parish and contact for all aspects of the music program. However, for specific requests, the Junior and Chamber Choirs (9:30am Sunday Mass) contact is Michele DeBoer and the Senior Choir (11:00am Sunday Mass) contact is Gregory Pimento. If serving your parish in music ministry is of interest to you, then we would certainly be happy to meet with you to discuss how you may get involved. Contact Gordon at 416-769-5224 /