Altar Society

How lovely is your dwelling place, O Lord of Hosts!

Psalm 84:2


Altar Society members - possibly from the late 50s

he Altar Society is service-centered group, working quietly and behind-the-scenes, overseeing the reverent care of the altars, sanctuary and sacristy. No earthly beauty can compare with the loveliness of God’s presence, but it is for the Altar Society to ensure that His dwelling place is maintained with the greatest possible dignity, honor, and respect.

Duties include cleaning, polishing and washing of sacred vessels, replacing candles as required and laundering of small altar linens.

If you are interested in joining the Altar Society, contact Kathleen Stanley at 416-239-5558 /

Volunteer commitment

  • Altar Society volunteers typically commit one hour a week for two weeks on Thursdays, after the 9am Mass.
  • Generally, volunteers are scheduled once every two months. Schedules are mailed to each volunteer.
  • The Altar Society teams work in groups of three and training is provided by the coordinator.